This World Health Day, let’s reaffirm the fundamental right to the highest attainable standard of health and wellness. The theme “My Health, My Right” spotlights the urgent need for equitable, accessible healthcare for all – a challenge we must address head-on in Nigeria.

CareValue Health: Your Partner in Prevention and Chronic Disease Management

At CareValue Health, we believe prevention is the key to unlocking optimal health for Nigerians. Regular checkups, early intervention, and proactive chronic disease management strategies are essential defenses against common Nigerian health issues like hypertension and diabetes.

Build Healthy Habits for a Lifetime

We understand building healthy habits takes support. That’s why CareValue Health helps you establish daily routines focused on exercise, nutrition, and other key wellness pillars.

The CareValue Advantage: Expertise and Accessibility

We’re dedicated to providing exceptional, accessible healthcare in Nigeria. Our skilled team and modern facilities offer:

  • Preventive Checkups
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Mental Health Services
  • Cardiology Care
  • Primary Care
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Online Consultations

Your Healthcare Rights in Nigeria

CareValue Health champions patient rights:

  • Clear Information: Understand your illness, treatment options, and risks.
  • Accessible Care: Receive timely healthcare regardless of background.
  • Respectful Treatment: Experience dignity from all healthcare staff.
  • Quality Care: Benefit from skilled doctors and safe facilities.
  • Informed Consent: Control your treatment decisions.
  • Privacy: Rest assured your medical information is confidential.

Prioritize Your Health Today!

World Health Day is the perfect time to invest in yourself. Schedule your CareValue Health appointment now:

  • Monthly Wellness Plan: Comprehensive care for ₦5,000/month
  • Single Doctor Visit: Expert care whenever you need it for ₦2,000

Your Partner in Health

CareValue Health guides your unique health journey. Embrace prevention, manage chronic conditions proactively, and advocate for your well-being. This World Health Day, let’s commit to a healthier future, together!

Happy World Health Day!

Author: Dr. Laura Ugwuoru

Last Update: April 5, 2024

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